Nanny Perkins Hairbrush

Selina's first encounter with the strict Nanny Perkins results in a spanked bottom with Nanny's infamous hairbrush!

Then all thoughts of Ayla were forgotten as a plump apple-cheeked woman wearing a dark blue uniform with a white cap and apron came towards Selina.

"And who have we here? My, my - what a dirty little one she is! Just look at her, all caked in mud. Never mind, poppet - we'll soon have you bathed and changed."

Much to her relief, Selina was lifted off the horse. The plump woman grabbed her hand firmly and clucked, "Come with me, my little love. Nanny Perkins will take care of you. You shall have a nice hot bath and pretty clean clothes to wear, and we'll do your hair and give you a glass of milk."

"I don't like milk," said Selina.

Nanny Perkin's expression changed at once. She frowned, fixing her dark pebble eyes on Selina. "You will have a glass of milk, and you will drink it all up for Nanny, like a good little girl."

"But I don't - OW! OW! OWWW!" yelped Selina, as from her voluminous pockets, Nanny Perkins produced an oval-shaped wooden hairbrush and delivered three stinging spanks with it to Selina's bottom.

"You will do as you're told for Nanny. Is that clear?"

"Um ... yes," whimpered Selina.

"Yes what?"

"Er, yes ... Nanny Perkins."

"That's better, dear. So much better," cooed Nanny Perkins, her face wreathed in smiles once more.

Selina swallowed and allowed herself to be led docilely into one of the buildings, where she was herded down a corridor with several doors leading off it. Nanny opened one and stepped into a spacious bathroom.

"Sit on the chair, my lambkin, while Nanny runs you a nice warm bath."

Irritated at being referred to as a 'lambkin' and wondering why on earth the Perkin's woman insisted on referring to herself in the third person, Selina sat sullenly on the chair. She decided for the moment it was best to keep quiet until Perkins and her hairbrush were out of sight.


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