Little Evie: A BDSM Ageplay Romance

There are quite a few hot sex scenes in Little Evie, and for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing ... here's a little teaser!

It was the power of his words, the cadence of his voice just as much as the physical stimulation. The effect on Evie was electrifying. She bucked her hips and grabbed Dylan's arm, her head tossed back, her face a seething mask of lust and pleasure. She screamed out her release as she rode the crest of the wave that lifted her up and up, then diminished slowly, leaving her gasping in the shallows.

“Oh … oh my,” she mumbled eventually.

Dylan chuckled softly. “Feel better now?”

Evie giggled and nodded, and then her eyes darted to the massive rise in his crotch. She glanced up at him, and there was both lustful need and invitation in his eyes. Tentatively she reached out, her little fingers stroking the bulge. He felt rock hard. “Iron man,” she said impulsively, and giggled again.

“You ain't seen nothing yet, baby,” said Dylan as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down over his hips, his boxer shorts with them. His cock sprang free and demanded adulation.

Evie stared at nine inches of pulsing maleness. She gulped, wondering, if push came to shove, how she would ever accommodate it. Dylan gave an intake of breath. There was a smouldering fire in his eyes, a fire that needed to be assuaged.

“Good girls get to suck Daddy's popsicle,” he said as he reached for her head, drawing her gently down.

Eagerly she explored the length of him with her tongue, starting at the shaft, and slowly working her way up. Her right hand caressed his balls, and she used her left to hold his shaft as her mouth did it's work on reaching the tip of his cock. With a succession of light licks, she swirled her tongue around the glistening tip, feeling a deep satisfaction as he groaned, and his grasp tightened.

Evie continued, teasing further, and then began to slowly take him in her mouth, inch by precious inch. He liked that. Oh boy, did he like it. He began to thrust...

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Free Story - Penelope Jane Gets Paddled

Penelope Jane Gets Paddled

"Will you drop my best navy suit off at the dry cleaners, Penny? I need it for an important meeting tomorrow."

"Of course I will." Penny smiled at her husband. "And I might even pick up some donuts too!"

"Sounds good. But don't you dare eat them all before I get back home." Rick grinned and kissed her. "See you tonight. Don't forget my suit."

"I promise not to forget." When Rick left, Penny looked at her list. She liked making lists. She had lists for absolutely everything. Today's list was not very nice at all. Penny stared at it: washing, ironing, weed the flower bed, clean the kitchen, dust and hoover. "Poo," she said, and pulled a face.

The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Instead of doing the boring old weeding, she decided to climb the old apple tree then play on the swing. After that, George, the cat who lived next door came to visit so she played with him for the rest of the morning and as a special treat gave him some smoked salmon she found in the fridge.

After lunch, she brought Rick's suit downstairs and put it on one of the kitchen chairs, then got distracted making a birthday card for Uncle Harold. He always appreciated the care and attention she put into home-made cards. She had a marvellous time cutting card and sticking paper flowers on it, but the best bit was when she covered the border in silver glitter - that was so much fun. Unfortunately most of the glitter went on her skirt and on Rick's suit - but that didn't matter since it was going to be dry-cleaned anyway.

"Oh! The suit! I'd forgotten all about it!" She washed her hands and brushed the glitter out of her hair. The stuff was all over the floor too (however had that happened?), but that would have to wait until she got back with the donuts. Oh, the thought of those donuts galvanised her into action. She could picture them in her mind - big and round and jammy and yummy in her tummy - she could almost taste them!

She ran out of the house and caught the next bus to the donut shop. They tasted so good, she ate three on the bus home, and being a generous sort of person, donated one to Barney the bulldog who lived across the road. He demolished it in one mouthfull and looked pleadingly at her.

So she gave him another one.

There was only one left. "You can't have any more," she told Barney. "This one's for Rick - Ohhh!" Barney jumped as high as his stumpy little legs would allow. He snatched the last donut and ran off with it. "Bad dog! Bad, bad dog. Bring it back!" She chased Barney around the corner and ran splat into someone.

Someone familiar.

"Penelope Jane, what's going on?" said Rick.

Uh oh. He always used her proper name when she was naughty. Which was often.

"That bad dog's eaten your donut! In fact - he's eaten ALL of them, the greedy pig."

"Is that so?" said Rick, eyeing the traces of sugar round Penny's mouth, and a big blob of jam on her blouse.

Penny nodded and nodded.

"Oh well." Rick shrugged. "At least we have some nice salmon for dinner."

"Oh," said Penny. Her heart sank.

And when they went into the kitchen and saw the mess of glitter and bits of card all over, Penny's heart sank even further. And then she remembered Rick's suit.

"What the devil ..." Rick picked up his suit. "This hasn't been dry-cleaned! It's in a far worse state than it was in before. What the hell happened to it?"

"Oh, I... er, um ..." floundered Penny.

Rick gave Penny a look that she was oh so familiar with.

"Penelope Jane," said Rick as he seated himself on a chair. "Go fetch the paddle then get over my knee."



So she retrieved the mean little paddle of the hook next to the back door and handed it to Rick. He hauled her over his lap. Up came the little skirt. Down came the cute panties. Penelope Jane's chubby bare bottom stared up at him.

Crack! Down came the paddle. Crack! Crack!

"Yeeoooww!" squealed Penelope Jane.

"No donuts," said Rick.


"No salmon."


"No suit."


"And a horrible mess in the kitchen!"

Crack! Crack! Crack!

"Oweeee!" squealed Penelope Jane. "I'll be good!"

"Huh! As if!" He gave her six more stingers.

Penelope Jane howled and wriggled. What made it worse was George the cat peering in, his nose pressed to the kitchen window. She was convinced he was laughing at her!

Ageplay - a state of mind?

It seems to me that ageplay is pretty much a state of mind, in that it's possible to flick that invisible switch and go into 'little' space. But what happens if that switch flicks all by itself at an inappropriate time? That got me thinking, and I'm going to write a series of little snippets here on my blog that deal with the consequences of not being in control!

The main character will be Penelope Jane. She and her husband Rick have a domestic discipline marriage with elements of ageplay and other kinky things thrown into the mix.

Sounds like fun. Sounds like someone's in for a spanking. Stay tuned!

Is ageplay linked to BDSM?

Someone asked me recently whether ageplay is linked to BDSM. It's an interesting question, and the answer is … yes and no. It's all down to personal choice.

I know of some ageplayers who are quite content to play with friends, or enjoy being 'little' on their own. And that's absolutely fine.

However, the type of ageplay that I like to write about involves a significant D/s dynamic – specifically the Alpha, older male as the authority figure, nurturing and disciplining a female submissive. So in that sense, this type of power exchange ageplay falls within the umbrella of BDSM.

And as for all BDSM practices, the same principles of safe, sane and consensual apply with an ageplay relationship, and communication is a key factor in understanding and meeting specific needs. The adult authority figure/caregiver can vary in reality; indeed, a 'Daddy' isn't necessarily male – but they are in my books.

Take the new title, Little Evie, it includes some aspects of BDSM – balm, restraints, nipple clamps, butt plugs etc, but that is secondary to the powerful dynamic that develops between Evie and her 'Daddy'.

Here's an extract at a point early in their relationship:

“My little Lolita,” said Dylan. “It's hard to believe you're 29. And in that outfit you'd pass for about 12 to 14.”

“Yeah, I've always looked far younger than my actual years. And you know something? I don't mind at all. It gives me an excuse to act like a kid at times. I like to go in the park and play on the swings! Don't you dare tell anyone I said that.”

“Interesting.” Dylan licked his lips and leaned closer, reaching out to wrap a tendril of her golden hair around his finger. “I once had a submissive who was similar to you. She was 24 and looked about 13. She was really into age play.”

“What's that?” When he explained, her eyes widened. “I can see the appeal. It must be … liberating to be little again, and kind of fun to wear little girl clothes and stuff.”

“Just like you're doing right now. The dynamic is already there, and I have a wardrobe full of Mary's clothes ...” His voice trailed off as he studied her face. It was animated.

“Earlier on, you referred to yourself as 'Daddy'. I liked that.”

“Why did you like it?”

“It made me feel all squirmy … sexy... submissive. I dunno. I find it difficult to explain.”

They talked and they talked. Evie had never been so frank with anyone. The conversation was refreshingly open and honest and Evie poured out her deepest darkest fantasies and wildest desires. And he understood! He seemed to understand her better than she understood herself. She felt a closeness to him unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and that closeness was tempered by an unfolding D/s dynamic, and a sexual frisson yet to be fully realised. She gazed at him. Here was a highly intelligent man who was big and powerful, not only physically - he had such presence. His expression, his tone, could set her heart a flutter and turn her knees to jelly. She wanted him to nurture and protect her, to spank her when she misbehaved or just for the fun of it, to fuck her brains out and do all manner of deliciously kinky things …

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Little Evie : A BDSM Ageplay Romance

Welcome to my third book! Little Evie meets Dylan, an older man who shares the same kinky interests and the spark between them grows as they develop an ageplay relationship ununderpinned by a sensual D/s dynamic and hot sex.

Here's a little teaser...

“In here, Evie,” called Dylan.

She padded over the plush carpet towards the room with the open door. Dylan was inside, sitting on the bed. The spacious room was a typical male preserve, furnished in gleaming mahogany with claret-coloured curtains and bed linen. There were two night stands either side of the king-sized bed, each one topped with an antique brass lamp with a raspberry shade.

Dylan patted the bed. “Come here.” Those blue eyes of his gazed into hers. The corners of his mouth twitched just a fraction.

Evie gulped, and obeyed his command. One moment she was seated on the bed, and the next she was lifted effortlessly over his lap, feeling his strong thighs beneath her tummy. He adjusted her position so that her bottom was nicely elevated. She was so small her feet didn't even touch the floor and were left dangling. Dylan's hand smoothed the fabric of her pyjama bottoms in a circular motion. It felt good. It felt-

“Ow!” said Evie as the first spank descended on her upturned rump.

“What? 'Ow' already?” He gave her another firm slap. Evie wriggled. It had been so long since she last had a proper spanking, she'd almost forgotten what it felt like.

“You know exactly why you're getting this,” Dylan said as his hand cracked down. Don't you, Evie?”

“Yes sir.” She wasn't quite sure why she addressed him as sir, but it felt right.

“You went out without telling anyone where you were going.”

Slap! Slap!

“You didn't wear the proper footwear.”

Slap! Slap!

“You didn't take a waterproof jacket.”

Slap! Slap!

“Nor did you take a guide book.” Slap! “Or a compass.” Slap! “Or your mobile phone.” Slap! “Or a first-aid kit.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! SLAP!

“Owwww!” yelled Evie. His hand felt as hard as a cast iron frying pan. She wriggled and gasped as her bottom became increasingly heated.

“These are coming down now. You're getting punished on your bare bottom, like a naughty little girl.” Dylan pulled down her pyjama bottoms.

Her bottom gleamed pale in the moonlight, two alabaster globes tinged with pink, chubby and rounded and just begging for a long overdue spanking. Evie hissed as her bottom was bared. That feeling … that crazy, kinky, wonderful feeling of being bared thrilled her to the core. Although she was embarrassed, that was part of the turn-on. She could feel her pussy spasm as her arousal increased.

Little Evie is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Little Ruthie

I hope you enjoy reading Little Ruthie as much as I enjoyed writing it. In this book we learn that 20-year-old Ruthie gets it together with an older man called Tom, who as her 'Daddy', helps her turn all her fantasies into reality, including regression, discipline, and a little humiliation.

Here's a taster for you - enjoy.

Splat! Splat!

“Yeow!” yelled Ruthie. She hid a smile. The spanks weren't hard at all. They were baby spanks, but she could pretend she was getting a good hiding, just to help him feel he was doing it right.

Then she felt his hand stroke her panty-covered bottom. “These will have to come down,” he said, “so I can do a proper job.” He grinned devilishly and tugged down her panties. Her bottom was delectable, like a ripe peach. He wanted to nibble it, but instead ran his hand lightly over the quivering twin orbs of delight.

Ruthie gasped. The sensation of being bared was so incredibly erotic. A wave of pleasure washed over her. She had never felt like this when Brad spanked her. A couple of years back she had a boyfriend called Joe who liked to spank, but he never made her feel this way either. And as well as being erotic, it was humiliating, being bared like this, having Tom inspect her bare bottom. But, she decided, this humiliation was good. It made her feel so turned on … her pussy spasmed in anticipation. Oh my, she thought. I like this!
Little Ruthie is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Little Lizbet: A BDSM Ageplay Romance

Delighted to kick off my new blog by announcing my first ageplay book, Little Lizbet. Lizbet meets a charming older man at a BDSM cub. Little does she know that he will become her new 'Daddy', and take her on a whole new journey of self-discovery. Here's a little extract to whet the appetite:


"Tell me, Lizbet, what is it about submission that appeals to you?”

Lizbet set down her drink. No one had ever asked her that question before. She suddenly had a burning desire to talk about it. “I like the nurturing side of being submissive.”

“Go on.” Daniel leaned forward, listening intently.

“I like to feel … vulnerable, and cared for … protected. You know?”

He nodded. “Cherished?”

“Yes. Yes, exactly that. “And I like to be chastised when I'm naughty, and forgiven afterwards.”

“Verbal or physical chastisement?”


“So you like being spanked?”

Lizbet bit her lip. “Yeah. Sometimes I do – then when its happening, I don't like it much. That doesn't make much sense.”

“It makes perfect sense.”

Lizbet stared at Daniel. It was as if this man understood her way of thinking and understood her needs. But how was that possible given that she didn't really understand her own needs. “I like it when someone else takes control, because that allows me to give up responsibility. All I need do is obey.” She blinked, startled at what she had just said. “It's true. That's how I feel.”

Little Lizbet is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: