Little Louisa - sweet sexy story about Louisa and her Daddy dom

Hi folks - well, here she is - Little Louisa. I hope you have as much fun reading about her as I did writing about her. Here's the publishers blurb:
Louisa's chance encounter with Frank Rivers leads to a huge change in lifestyle, and a sex life she would never have believed possible. Frank is intelligent, kind, charming, sexy ... and deliciously kinky. At the outset of their relationship, he tells Louisa about his kink, and she is both excited and fascinated. Before too long she becomes Daddy's little girl, enjoying his attentions as he pampers her with bubble baths, pretty clothes, good girl spankings, delicious temperature takings and other treats. Louisa submits to Frank's dominance and thrives as their relationship develops. But Louisa isn't always well behaved, and on such occasions she needs a strict daddy to take her in hand, give her some loving guidance and administer firm discipline on her naughty bottom. He pushes her in ways she never thought possible, and sometimes he refuses to let her wear her big girl panties - or no panties at all! But above all, he cares for her, protects her, and encourages her to be the person she wants to be, fully embracing her Little side.

A fun and kinky read packed with steamy sex and erotic pleasures between two engaging characters who grow to love each other.

Publisher's Note: Little Louisa is an age play book. It includes anal play, explicit sexual scenes, and elements of medical play. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


Little Louisa is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Bath Time and Sexy Fun for Little Emily

Leo's wash cloth finds its way into all Emily's little nooks and crannies! Bath time is both sexy and fun for Little Emily.

"When was the last time someone bathed you?" he asked, without turning his head.

"Bathed me? Er ... not since I was about five years old." She stared at Leo's back. Is he proposing to bath me himself?

"Then it's about time someone did. And that someone ..." he said, standing tall and facing her, "... is me."

"Oh..." Colour heated her cheeks. She began to visibly squirm.

"You'll enjoy it." He was already moving forward. "Arms up. My dirty and wet little girl needs a bath, and I'll make it fun." He removed her sodden top, swiftly followed by the little pink bra. "I shall pamper you like a royal princess." He pulled down her skirt, and there she was, butt naked and blushing from one end to the other.

But there was no time for modesty, for a moment later, Leo had picked her up and gently lowered her into the soap suds. Once inside the tub, Emily leaned back, her body hidden beneath the clouds of tiny bubbles.

"Feels good, huh?" Leo grabbed a cloth and began soaping her arms.

"It does," she admitted, closing her eyes as the cloth found its way to her pert little breasts, paying particular attention to her rosy nipples.


Little Emily is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Spankings are a turn on!

Leo's rules are clear, and so are the consequences of breaking them. It's a bare bottom spanking for Little Emily...and although the spanking may hurt, the after effects are delicious, especially when combined with the humiliation of standing in the corner ...

"Now, Emily," Leo said. "You can contemplate the consequences of your naughtiness, and in future, whenever you break one of Daddy's rules, you will pay the price on your bottom. Is that clear?"

"Yes Daddy." If felt good addressing him as such. It felt right.

So off she went, now horribly self-conscious of her bare red bottom bobbing as she walked. Hurriedly, she tried to pull her skirt down to cover herself up.

"No you don't, little girl. Leave that skirt tucked up. I want to see your bottom. You will stand there, nose to the wall, and no rubbing until the fifteen minutes are up."

Standing in the corner showing her bare and freshly spanked bottom made Emily feel very embarrassed. It was a new experience for her, and as she stood there she tried to make sense of her emotions. For a start, now that the pain in her rear end had subsided somewhat, it was replaced by a pleasurably warm sensation ... and there were other sensations too in the pit of her stomach, and a steady pulsing between her legs. The after effects of the spanking certainly aroused her, but so did Leo; his tone, his expression, his natural authority made her go weak at the knees, and knowing that he was behind her, looking at her bare bottom was both humiliating and exciting. Then of course, there was the reason for her punishment to be considered. She had falsified the records and logged her time as being spent working, when instead she'd been enjoying reading Leo's books and magazines. She'd been a bad girl and her punishment was just, she reflected.

When her corner time had elapsed, Leo got up from his chair. "Out you come, princess. You can rub your bottom now if you need to."

She did so, enjoying the feel of her heated skin before sliding her skirt down.

"Did I give you permission to cover up?"

"Er, no, Daddy."

"Then don't. Instead, you can come and give Daddy a hug." He watched as she moved forward, her hands covering her pubic area. He smiled. "You're not used to being undressed in my presence, but that will soon change ... and that's a promise," he said as his arms encircled her.


Little Emily is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Little Emily - spanked with a hairbrush!

There's nothing quite like a hairbrush spanking for naughty little girls ... as Emily soon finds out ...

"The brush?" For a moment she thought about the big sweeping brush she used to sweep up outside - and then it dawned on her that he meant the hair brush.

"Uh huh. This one." He pulled it out of his jacket pocket with all the finesse of a magician producing a rabbit out of a hat, and waved it under her nose. It was appropriately paddle-shaped, the mahogany wood glowing with a polished sheen.

Emily eyed it warily, unsure as to how it would feel. She soon found out.

Raising his right arm, Leo brought the brush down firmly on Emily's bottom. The sound echoed round the study like a pistol shot, leaving her lower cheeks smarting in it's wake. Her eyes flew open wide. This was far harder than the hand spanks. The nasty brush HURT.

"Aaaargh!" she voiced her protest, and began wriggling like a fish.

"What a pretty colour your bottom is turning," commented Leo. "It's looks like a rosy red apple." Down came the brush again, targeting her sit spots, which soon blazed with crimsoned ovals as he gave her half a dozen stingers on the soft under-curve of her cheeks.

"Ow ow!" wailed Emily. Forgetting her near nakedness, she kicked and bucked, giving her tormentor a fine view of her neatly trimmed pussy. Unknown to her, he could see the silver glistening strands of arousal lacing the top of her inner thighs, and he smiled to himself at the sight.

As the fire built in her burning backside, Emily's wails grew louder. "Ow! Ow! I said I was sorry. Very sorry - yaaaah!" she screeched.

"Then this will help motivate you to be a good girl for Daddy, huh?"

"Yes, yes. I'll be good forever. So good. Honest. I promise. OW!" The brush impacted lower down her bottom. She balled her fingers into fists and beat them against the carpet in an attempt to alleviate the pain. It didn't work. Her bottom stung and throbbed.

"Three more to go, then we're done," said Leo. He spanked right, then left, and the third and final strike was placed across both nicely reddened, jiggling cheeks.

"Owwwww!" yelped Emily. That last one was the worst one of the lot. She remained in position for a few moments while she caught her breath, and as she stirred, Leo levered her up to a sitting position. "Oh man - that brush is evil! They were hard spanks!"

"They weren't really. You're not used to it ... but I'm sure it won't be long before we can start pushing your limits a little," said Leo with a twinkle in his eye. He kissed her brow and gave her a hug. "How does that naughty little bottom feel now?"

Publisher's Note: Little Emily is an ageplay book. It includes anal play and explicit sexual scenes. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and various BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


Little Emily is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: