Hot new ageplay book coming soon - Lord Ingram's Little Girl by Chloe Carpenter

Hi there, well, it's been a while since I last posted - where does the time go?! I've been busy writing a new book. Lord Ingram's Little Girl should be available in a day or two. This one's a bit different from the others and I hope you enjoy it. It's set in Victorian England, 1861.

The two key characters are Charlotte, and Lord William Ingram ... oh he's a looker and a charmer with a roving eye for a pretty girl, and he also has very specific needs. It was interesting to see how he developed as a character as the story progressed. As a man of power, wealth and influence, he could pretty much have any woman he wanted ... but he's never been in love, and at first he fails to recognize the feelings he has for Charlotte.

This book has plenty of sex, plus age play elements, and some interesting characters thrown into the mix. Most of the narrative takes place in Lord Ingram's country house in north Yorkshire, the fictitious Stoneleigh Hall. Well, it may be fictitious but it's become quite real to me!

Okay ... here is the publisher's blurb. More coming soon!
When Frederick Grenville stakes his house in a game of cards, he loses the wager. The Duke of Stanton offers him a way out - Frederick may keep his house in return for his daughter Charlotte, who will be given to the Duke for his sexual pleasures. Having no love for the girl, Frederick agrees to the proposition, and the next morning the Duke sends his son, Lord Ingram to collect the girl. Charlotte is horrified to discover she has been given away to the repugnant Duke, and begs Lord Ingram to help her. He considers this, for he is a man with very specific tastes in women, and Charlotte's appearance and submissive nature appeal to him. Defying his father, he takes Charlotte to one of his secret residences, Stoneleigh Hall. But there is a price to be paid ... Charlotte must obey him at all times and be subject to his rules and discipline.

It soon becomes clear to Charlotte that instead of being the plaything of the father, she is to become the plaything of the son. He installs her in the nursery quarters at Stoneleigh and her clothes are replaced by little girl dresses and early bedtimes. Her new papa does not hesitate to spank and punish her when she disobeys his wishes. But Charlotte finds herself becoming increasingly enamoured with the handsome, decadent Lord Ingram. He awakens her sexual desires and trains her how to please him; and he also plays with her, reads her stories and pampers her, makes her laugh, and indulges her in so many ways... but he never planned to fall in love. His dominance and dashing good looks set Charlotte's heart racing, and the romantic bond between them grows. She learns to enjoy the fun spankings and is happy ... until she finds out about the other women Lord Ingram brought to Stoneleigh Hall. Will their ultimate fate also be hers?

Publisher's note: Lord Ingram's Little Girl is an erotic Victorian novella that includes elements of ageplay and regression, plus detailed sexual scenes and anal play. Explicit punishments are administered to an adult woman; they include spankings, humiliation, corner time, and S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.