She's a natural submissive, shit hot in a little girl sort of way....: Little Lucy and the Doctor

Dr Simon Dale has more than a passing interest in his new receptionist, and recognizes certain traits in her that indicate their compatibility for possible future kinky activities.

I'd like to share another extract from Little Lucy & the Doctor.

How about you? Are you seeing anyone?"

"I play with a few of the girls here as you know, but there's no one special ... yet."

"Uh huh. Yet. So there might be soon? It's about time, mate. You work too hard. Need to let your hair down while you still have it."

Simon laughed. "Yeah well, there's always work. You know how it is." Roger nodded. "I never get involved with anyone at work, but I have this dizzy new temp from the agency..."

"Ah. Thinking of abandoning your rule, are you? What's she like?"

"She's a natural submissive, shit hot in a little girl sort of way. She's 24 but looks younger. Too young for me probably."

"That shouldn't be an issue. The subbies go for us older guys. I'm 15 years older than Maryanne."

"And I'm 22 years older than Lucy."

"So what? Go for it. Have you asked her out?"

"Not yet. I'm still thinking about it."

"And does she share our kink?"

"To some extent, yes. She's admitted she gets spanked - engineers it sometimes, the little minx. But how far her interests extend beyond that I've no idea. However, I wanted to talk to you because last year you were involved with that little girl-woman... what was her name - Rebecca?"

"Becky. Yeah, she was a cute 26 year-old into ageplay."

Simon nodded. "That's what I want to talk to you about. Lucy has this friend, the one who spanks her - he's some Greek guy she's asked to be her Daddy. As far as I can determine, it isn't a sexual relationship, but it's clear to me both from her reactions and from what she's let slip, that she'd be perfect for participating in an ageplay relationship with elements of kink thrown in to the mix. So - got any tips?"

"Hell yeah," enthused Roger. "I'll get us another drink and we'll talk."

And talk they did - for almost two hours. At the end of it, Roger went off to demonstrate his Box-tie Shibari technique to a group of interested observers, leaving Simon to seek out available play partners.

Simon wandered round the huge expanse of floor space which was littered with various pieces of equipment, all occupied by enthusiastic practitioners. Naked flesh was in abundance, and the sounds of crops, canes, whips and hands meeting flesh filled the room. He found Carla sitting quietly, mesmerized by a naked woman dangling in chains, her arms raised high, her feet apart as her Dom expertly wielded a riding crop on her bottom and upper thighs. And what a bottom it was - very wide and full and bouncy - quite out of proportion with the rest of her body which was of more modest proportions. Not that it mattered - people of all shapes and sizes came here to enjoy themselves, and although the woman in question was whimpering and yelping, she was also highly aroused as evidenced by her swollen nipples and the faint silver secretions lacing the top of her ample thighs.


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Lucy wants a Daddy - and she thinks the sexy Dr Dale fits the bill: Little Lucy and the Doctor

In this extract, the dynamics between Lucy and the sexy Dr Dale are bubbling along nicely. Lucy admits she enjoys getting spanked by Mr Petrakis, a friend of hers, and when they role play, she likes to call him Daddy. This intrigues Simon, who thinks he would make a far better Daddy than Mr Petrakis. It's just a case of timing to make his move ...

Happy New Year folks!
"Well then, maybe in future I shall have you tell ME about any mistakes you make at work," he said lightly, still holding her in his gaze.

"Ohhhh." Her chest heaved as though she was panting from exertion. "Does that mean that you'll spank me instead?" Before he had chance to think up a suitably cagey response, she continued, her excitement mounting. "Because if that's the case, I'd like that. You'd be a far better Daddy than Mr Petrakis is."

"You call him Daddy?"

"Uh huh." She stuck a finger in her mouth and began biting her nails.

"Stop fidgeting, Lucy."

She complied immediately, with a, "Yes sir."

Simon was intrigued. "And whose idea was it to all him Daddy?"

"Um. Mine. But he doesn't mind at all."

Yeah, I bet he doesn't.

"In fact, he likes it."

Yeah, I can believe that.

"He knows I like play acting, see."

"So you're telling me you role play with him? He's your Daddy, and you're his little girl?"

"Yes! How did you guess?!"

Simon smiled wolfishly, but he wasn't about to tell her that he too enjoyed a spot of role play ... not yet anyway.

"Just intuition," he quipped.

"I've never told anyone that before, but you're so easy to talk to. And ..."


But this time she wouldn't answer. She couldn't answer. How could she possibly tell him she thought he was the sexiest, loveliest, man alive? The thought of being spanked by him on her bare bottom thrilled her to the core. The thought of being naked in bed with him, those big hands of his stroking her all over was so deliciously yummy she could hardly breathe. The thought of him being her Daddy and playing games with her was just too exquisite to even contemplate. And even if none of those things ever happened, she would be content to obey him, to listen to his deep chocolatey voice and watch his eyes twinkle when they looked at her in a certain way, as though he understood exactly what she was thinking at any given time. She shivered, but not with cold.

Simon exhaled and regarded her through narrowed eyes. It was with an effort and some degree of reluctance that he steered the conversation in a more professional direction.

"Well now, that's all very interesting but it will have to wait. My first patient is due in ten minutes. Are you all clear on your duties? Any questions?"


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Angling for a Spanking : Little Lucy and the Doctor

In this extract, Lucy is angling for a spanking from the sexy Dr Dale. Will she get one? Highly likely!
Lucy giggled again, this time covering her mouth with her hand. "You must be thinking that I need a spanking after messing up your files." She darted a sly little look at him, and her cheeks bloomed pink.

Her reaction surprised him. He raised an eyebrow. "I was thinking no such thing," he lied.

"Oh." She seemed almost disappointed. "Well I wouldn't blame you for thinking that, cos I do deserve a spanking."

"Is that so?" He kept his tone light and non-committal, and wondered where this conversation was going.

"Uh huh." She nodded, her face quite serious. "It helps, when I'm naughty."

He couldn't believe his ears. "I see." His cock pulsed.

"I doubt it."

For a moment, Simon thought she was going to say more, but then her mouth closed and she stood awkwardly, staring at the floor, her fingers fidgeting with the cuffs on her sweater. His cock twitched again, and against his better judgement he asked, "And are you naughty often, Lucy?"

She sighed. "I'm afraid I am."

"So you get spanked often?"

"Mr Petrakis spanks me sometimes." Again, she gave him that little teasing look that was half innocent, half coquettish.

"Oh? And who is Mr Petrakis?"


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New Hot ageplay - Little Lucy and the Doctor

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