Lucy wants a Daddy - and she thinks the sexy Dr Dale fits the bill: Little Lucy and the Doctor

In this extract, the dynamics between Lucy and the sexy Dr Dale are bubbling along nicely. Lucy admits she enjoys getting spanked by Mr Petrakis, a friend of hers, and when they role play, she likes to call him Daddy. This intrigues Simon, who thinks he would make a far better Daddy than Mr Petrakis. It's just a case of timing to make his move ...

Happy New Year folks!
"Well then, maybe in future I shall have you tell ME about any mistakes you make at work," he said lightly, still holding her in his gaze.

"Ohhhh." Her chest heaved as though she was panting from exertion. "Does that mean that you'll spank me instead?" Before he had chance to think up a suitably cagey response, she continued, her excitement mounting. "Because if that's the case, I'd like that. You'd be a far better Daddy than Mr Petrakis is."

"You call him Daddy?"

"Uh huh." She stuck a finger in her mouth and began biting her nails.

"Stop fidgeting, Lucy."

She complied immediately, with a, "Yes sir."

Simon was intrigued. "And whose idea was it to all him Daddy?"

"Um. Mine. But he doesn't mind at all."

Yeah, I bet he doesn't.

"In fact, he likes it."

Yeah, I can believe that.

"He knows I like play acting, see."

"So you're telling me you role play with him? He's your Daddy, and you're his little girl?"

"Yes! How did you guess?!"

Simon smiled wolfishly, but he wasn't about to tell her that he too enjoyed a spot of role play ... not yet anyway.

"Just intuition," he quipped.

"I've never told anyone that before, but you're so easy to talk to. And ..."


But this time she wouldn't answer. She couldn't answer. How could she possibly tell him she thought he was the sexiest, loveliest, man alive? The thought of being spanked by him on her bare bottom thrilled her to the core. The thought of being naked in bed with him, those big hands of his stroking her all over was so deliciously yummy she could hardly breathe. The thought of him being her Daddy and playing games with her was just too exquisite to even contemplate. And even if none of those things ever happened, she would be content to obey him, to listen to his deep chocolatey voice and watch his eyes twinkle when they looked at her in a certain way, as though he understood exactly what she was thinking at any given time. She shivered, but not with cold.

Simon exhaled and regarded her through narrowed eyes. It was with an effort and some degree of reluctance that he steered the conversation in a more professional direction.

"Well now, that's all very interesting but it will have to wait. My first patient is due in ten minutes. Are you all clear on your duties? Any questions?"


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