Lashings of hot sex in Little Daisy!

Daisy gets turned on by a good girl spanking ...
"These, my poppet, are drop-seat pyjamas. The flap is fastened with buttons, like so." He demonstrated.

"But why do they have a flap?" Daisy persisted.

"To give Daddy easy access to your pretty bottom of course."

"Oh. Of course." Daisy rolled her eyes. "Now why didn't I think of that!"

Johnny grinned as he adjusted her top. "There. All snug and warm. Have a little walk around the room in them."

Daisy dutifully did so. "They're kinda pretty but ... they make me feel like a baby."

"Uh huh. A pretty baby-girl"

Daisy skipped around the room, getting used to having her feet covered up. "I like them," she decided.

"I do too. Now come sit on the bed and we'll snuggle up for a story."

Daisy didn't need persuading. She loved stories and it was wonderful to have someone read to her. Johnny's voice was deep and expressive. She giggled as he used a succession of different voices to portray the characters in the story, including a falsetto voice for the princess. When he finished and closed the book, she voiced her protest and begged for more.

"Another one! Another one! Please can I have another one?!"

"I'm afraid you'll have to wait until tomorrow for another story. But you can have that spanking I promised you instead."

"Oh ..." The spanking. She pouted prettily. She'd quite forgotten all about the spanking. "How about I have another story, then a spanking?" It was worth a shot.

"Nice try, poppet." Johnny shifted position and patted his lap. "Over you go."

So once again, Daisy found herself across his lap, feeling his hard muscled thighs beneath her. "Will it hurt?" she ventured.

He smiled a crocodile smile, white teeth gleaming, and a hungry glint in his eyes. "Just enough to sting. Anyway, it gives me the opportunity to make use of my purchase. I just love these drop seat pyjamas." His eager fingers were already undoing the buttons and lowering the flap, exposing her pretty bottom. He eyed it hungrily and stroked the pale skin, pausing to knead her pliant cheeks, enjoying the feel of her smooth flesh.

A gentle sigh escaped Daisy as the warmth of that first spank spread across her skin, causing ripples of heat and pleasure throughout her entire body. The second spank was delivered a little harder, making her gasp. Then there was a pause as Johnny caressed the soft swell of her buttocks, soothing and stroking, feeling the gentle heat induced by his hand. His hand rested softly on her bare bottom for a brief moment, before withdrawing and landing again with a crack that resonated round the room.

"Ow!" yelped Daisy, surprised at the intensity of the sting imparted by his hand on her naked flesh.

Again his large hand descended sharply, this time landing low on the crease between bottom and thigh. Daisy stiffened and tried to jerk away, but he simply held her fast around the waist with his left hand as his right hand continued to spank her delectable bouncing bottom. He adored the way her cheeks danced and jiggled like two tasty little mounds of jelly.

He dealt another smack, eliciting a little squeal from Daisy. She squirmed as her bottom began to burn a little, and each additional well-placed spank sent a fire raging deep in her core. The smacks gathered momentum, and the heat morphed into sting, but before she had chance to protest, Johnny stopped spanking and instead began to rub and caress.

"Oh," she murmured. "That's nice." She relaxed, savouring the heady sensations. Her bottom tingled in a delicious way. The sting had receded and left her highly aroused.

"Of course it's nice," he murmured seductively. "It's a good girl spanking."

"Mmm." Daisy closed her eyes loving the feel of his hand smoothing her pink cheeks. She moaned softly as his fingers slipped lower, dipping inside her. "Ohhh," she breathed, and when a well lubricated finger found its way to her clit, she found herself shamelessly begging for him not to stop.

Johnny expertly teased her clit, noting and committing to memory her reaction, the way her breathing changed to ragged, shallow gasps, the way her whole body tensed, then shuddered in the moment before orgasm. "Come for Daddy, baby," he whispered.

She couldn't stop herself. With little mewls and a series of guttural cries, she rode the wave, then floated in a state of blissful contentment, her pussy pulsing.

He sat her up and kissed her, and smiled that quirky smile of his. Fixing her eyes with his own, he got to his feet. Daisy could see the massive bulge in his jeans. She giggled and reached out, stroking the protuberance.

"Look what Daddy's got for you." Johnny tugged down the zipper. Free from the confines of clothing, his cock sprang free. Daisy's eyes widened.

"Is that all for me?"

He raised his eyebrows and grinned. "You can have as much as you can take, baby." He took a step closer, watching as her little hands began the exploration of his shaft.

"Ohhh, you're such a... such a big daddy!"

"Uh huh," he agreed, the corners of his mouth twitching into a smile as one of her hands cupped his balls, the other stroking the length of his cock.

Daisy gazed at it in awe. Fully engorged, the bulbous purple tip was already leaking pre-cum from the slit. Experimentally, she smoothed the glistening tip with her index finger. Johnny let out a low moan of appreciation. His cock twitched eagerly. Tentatively, Daisy leaned forward, and angling her head just so, lowered her head and grazed her mouth against his erection as she softly stroked his shaft with her right hand.

"Mmm, such a good girl," murmured Johnny huskily.

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