Angling for a Spanking : Little Lucy and the Doctor

In this extract, Lucy is angling for a spanking from the sexy Dr Dale. Will she get one? Highly likely!
Lucy giggled again, this time covering her mouth with her hand. "You must be thinking that I need a spanking after messing up your files." She darted a sly little look at him, and her cheeks bloomed pink.

Her reaction surprised him. He raised an eyebrow. "I was thinking no such thing," he lied.

"Oh." She seemed almost disappointed. "Well I wouldn't blame you for thinking that, cos I do deserve a spanking."

"Is that so?" He kept his tone light and non-committal, and wondered where this conversation was going.

"Uh huh." She nodded, her face quite serious. "It helps, when I'm naughty."

He couldn't believe his ears. "I see." His cock pulsed.

"I doubt it."

For a moment, Simon thought she was going to say more, but then her mouth closed and she stood awkwardly, staring at the floor, her fingers fidgeting with the cuffs on her sweater. His cock twitched again, and against his better judgement he asked, "And are you naughty often, Lucy?"

She sighed. "I'm afraid I am."

"So you get spanked often?"

"Mr Petrakis spanks me sometimes." Again, she gave him that little teasing look that was half innocent, half coquettish.

"Oh? And who is Mr Petrakis?"


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