Bath Time and Sexy Fun for Little Emily

Leo's wash cloth finds its way into all Emily's little nooks and crannies! Bath time is both sexy and fun for Little Emily.

"When was the last time someone bathed you?" he asked, without turning his head.

"Bathed me? Er ... not since I was about five years old." She stared at Leo's back. Is he proposing to bath me himself?

"Then it's about time someone did. And that someone ..." he said, standing tall and facing her, "... is me."

"Oh..." Colour heated her cheeks. She began to visibly squirm.

"You'll enjoy it." He was already moving forward. "Arms up. My dirty and wet little girl needs a bath, and I'll make it fun." He removed her sodden top, swiftly followed by the little pink bra. "I shall pamper you like a royal princess." He pulled down her skirt, and there she was, butt naked and blushing from one end to the other.

But there was no time for modesty, for a moment later, Leo had picked her up and gently lowered her into the soap suds. Once inside the tub, Emily leaned back, her body hidden beneath the clouds of tiny bubbles.

"Feels good, huh?" Leo grabbed a cloth and began soaping her arms.

"It does," she admitted, closing her eyes as the cloth found its way to her pert little breasts, paying particular attention to her rosy nipples.


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