Spankings are a turn on!

Leo's rules are clear, and so are the consequences of breaking them. It's a bare bottom spanking for Little Emily...and although the spanking may hurt, the after effects are delicious, especially when combined with the humiliation of standing in the corner ...

"Now, Emily," Leo said. "You can contemplate the consequences of your naughtiness, and in future, whenever you break one of Daddy's rules, you will pay the price on your bottom. Is that clear?"

"Yes Daddy." If felt good addressing him as such. It felt right.

So off she went, now horribly self-conscious of her bare red bottom bobbing as she walked. Hurriedly, she tried to pull her skirt down to cover herself up.

"No you don't, little girl. Leave that skirt tucked up. I want to see your bottom. You will stand there, nose to the wall, and no rubbing until the fifteen minutes are up."

Standing in the corner showing her bare and freshly spanked bottom made Emily feel very embarrassed. It was a new experience for her, and as she stood there she tried to make sense of her emotions. For a start, now that the pain in her rear end had subsided somewhat, it was replaced by a pleasurably warm sensation ... and there were other sensations too in the pit of her stomach, and a steady pulsing between her legs. The after effects of the spanking certainly aroused her, but so did Leo; his tone, his expression, his natural authority made her go weak at the knees, and knowing that he was behind her, looking at her bare bottom was both humiliating and exciting. Then of course, there was the reason for her punishment to be considered. She had falsified the records and logged her time as being spent working, when instead she'd been enjoying reading Leo's books and magazines. She'd been a bad girl and her punishment was just, she reflected.

When her corner time had elapsed, Leo got up from his chair. "Out you come, princess. You can rub your bottom now if you need to."

She did so, enjoying the feel of her heated skin before sliding her skirt down.

"Did I give you permission to cover up?"

"Er, no, Daddy."

"Then don't. Instead, you can come and give Daddy a hug." He watched as she moved forward, her hands covering her pubic area. He smiled. "You're not used to being undressed in my presence, but that will soon change ... and that's a promise," he said as his arms encircled her.


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