Little Ruthie

I hope you enjoy reading Little Ruthie as much as I enjoyed writing it. In this book we learn that 20-year-old Ruthie gets it together with an older man called Tom, who as her 'Daddy', helps her turn all her fantasies into reality, including regression, discipline, and a little humiliation.

Here's a taster for you - enjoy.

Splat! Splat!

“Yeow!” yelled Ruthie. She hid a smile. The spanks weren't hard at all. They were baby spanks, but she could pretend she was getting a good hiding, just to help him feel he was doing it right.

Then she felt his hand stroke her panty-covered bottom. “These will have to come down,” he said, “so I can do a proper job.” He grinned devilishly and tugged down her panties. Her bottom was delectable, like a ripe peach. He wanted to nibble it, but instead ran his hand lightly over the quivering twin orbs of delight.

Ruthie gasped. The sensation of being bared was so incredibly erotic. A wave of pleasure washed over her. She had never felt like this when Brad spanked her. A couple of years back she had a boyfriend called Joe who liked to spank, but he never made her feel this way either. And as well as being erotic, it was humiliating, being bared like this, having Tom inspect her bare bottom. But, she decided, this humiliation was good. It made her feel so turned on … her pussy spasmed in anticipation. Oh my, she thought. I like this!
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