Free Story - Penelope Jane Gets Paddled

Penelope Jane Gets Paddled

"Will you drop my best navy suit off at the dry cleaners, Penny? I need it for an important meeting tomorrow."

"Of course I will." Penny smiled at her husband. "And I might even pick up some donuts too!"

"Sounds good. But don't you dare eat them all before I get back home." Rick grinned and kissed her. "See you tonight. Don't forget my suit."

"I promise not to forget." When Rick left, Penny looked at her list. She liked making lists. She had lists for absolutely everything. Today's list was not very nice at all. Penny stared at it: washing, ironing, weed the flower bed, clean the kitchen, dust and hoover. "Poo," she said, and pulled a face.

The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Instead of doing the boring old weeding, she decided to climb the old apple tree then play on the swing. After that, George, the cat who lived next door came to visit so she played with him for the rest of the morning and as a special treat gave him some smoked salmon she found in the fridge.

After lunch, she brought Rick's suit downstairs and put it on one of the kitchen chairs, then got distracted making a birthday card for Uncle Harold. He always appreciated the care and attention she put into home-made cards. She had a marvellous time cutting card and sticking paper flowers on it, but the best bit was when she covered the border in silver glitter - that was so much fun. Unfortunately most of the glitter went on her skirt and on Rick's suit - but that didn't matter since it was going to be dry-cleaned anyway.

"Oh! The suit! I'd forgotten all about it!" She washed her hands and brushed the glitter out of her hair. The stuff was all over the floor too (however had that happened?), but that would have to wait until she got back with the donuts. Oh, the thought of those donuts galvanised her into action. She could picture them in her mind - big and round and jammy and yummy in her tummy - she could almost taste them!

She ran out of the house and caught the next bus to the donut shop. They tasted so good, she ate three on the bus home, and being a generous sort of person, donated one to Barney the bulldog who lived across the road. He demolished it in one mouthfull and looked pleadingly at her.

So she gave him another one.

There was only one left. "You can't have any more," she told Barney. "This one's for Rick - Ohhh!" Barney jumped as high as his stumpy little legs would allow. He snatched the last donut and ran off with it. "Bad dog! Bad, bad dog. Bring it back!" She chased Barney around the corner and ran splat into someone.

Someone familiar.

"Penelope Jane, what's going on?" said Rick.

Uh oh. He always used her proper name when she was naughty. Which was often.

"That bad dog's eaten your donut! In fact - he's eaten ALL of them, the greedy pig."

"Is that so?" said Rick, eyeing the traces of sugar round Penny's mouth, and a big blob of jam on her blouse.

Penny nodded and nodded.

"Oh well." Rick shrugged. "At least we have some nice salmon for dinner."

"Oh," said Penny. Her heart sank.

And when they went into the kitchen and saw the mess of glitter and bits of card all over, Penny's heart sank even further. And then she remembered Rick's suit.

"What the devil ..." Rick picked up his suit. "This hasn't been dry-cleaned! It's in a far worse state than it was in before. What the hell happened to it?"

"Oh, I... er, um ..." floundered Penny.

Rick gave Penny a look that she was oh so familiar with.

"Penelope Jane," said Rick as he seated himself on a chair. "Go fetch the paddle then get over my knee."



So she retrieved the mean little paddle of the hook next to the back door and handed it to Rick. He hauled her over his lap. Up came the little skirt. Down came the cute panties. Penelope Jane's chubby bare bottom stared up at him.

Crack! Down came the paddle. Crack! Crack!

"Yeeoooww!" squealed Penelope Jane.

"No donuts," said Rick.


"No salmon."


"No suit."


"And a horrible mess in the kitchen!"

Crack! Crack! Crack!

"Oweeee!" squealed Penelope Jane. "I'll be good!"

"Huh! As if!" He gave her six more stingers.

Penelope Jane howled and wriggled. What made it worse was George the cat peering in, his nose pressed to the kitchen window. She was convinced he was laughing at her!


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