More Fun with Clamps: Little Molly by Chloe Carpenter

Luke grinned wickedly. "The third clamp isn't for your tits. Where do you think I'm going to put it? Can you guess?"

She inhaled sharply. No ... surely not... he can't mean...

Oh but he did!

Her mouth dropped open as he reached down towards her quivering genitals, and a moment later, she felt her labia clamped together, and squeaked loudly.

"Ow! Oh - it hurts!"

"But in a good way." He slackened off the clamp a little.

"Mmm." Yes, in a good way.

"Look at me, Molly." His eyes held hers as he tugged on the chains, watching her expression as he did so. In moments she was moaning and squirming. "Spread those legs nice and wide for me, baby. Enjoy the things that Daddy is doing to you." He moved the clamp along the labia, tightening it a little with one hand, as the finger of his other hand penetrated her. He was rewarded by a little shriek of pleasure, and that shriek intensified when he moved the clamp to her sensitive little clit.

I'll share more extracts later :)

Little Molly is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:


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