A Wonderfully Humiliating Medical Examination

Selina is taken to see Dr Diggle, and prepared for her medical examination.

Here's a little teaser from Becoming His Babygirl.

To her intense annoyance, the doctor ignored her questions. He went to a drawer and produced a kind of head band with a light fitted to the front of it. Selina stared at it. "What's that for?"

"It's so I can get a real good look at you, sweetie. We need to have this up." He raised the hem of her little skirt, securing it in place by tucking it under the waistband. "And these down." Down came her panties. He pulled them right off and tossed them on the desk.

"Eeep," squealed Selina. "Just what sort of examination is this?"

"A very necessary one my dear. Now then, we need to shuffle you closer to Doctor, and bend these knees, then put one of these lovely little leggies here ... and the other goes here ..." There was a click, and to her horror and humiliation her bottom was right at the end of the couch, her feet trapped in stirrups. "Just relax, poppet while I get the speculum."

"Relax?! You gotta be kidding!" She watched in horrified fascination as Dr Diggle retrieved a metal instrument from a tray.


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