Penelope Jane ... spanked and pampered

Hot off the press - a new ageplay short... Penelope Jane. Hope you enjoy it,

Penny has had a couple of dates with Rick Morgan, a sexy older man she met at work, but their relationship changes drastically when, happily splashing through puddles, she falls into a hole left by workmen and sprains her ankle. It is Rick who comes to her rescue. He takes her to hospital, and then insists on taking her to his apartment so that he can look after her. He delights in pampering his little princess, preparing her meals, bathing her in scented bubbles, reading her bedtimes stories - and treating her to her first ever spanking. And because she has been such a good little girl for 'Daddy', he allows her to share his bed ... and much more...


Penelope Jane: an ageplay story is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:


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