Hot and Stingy!!

Lucy picks a very apt safeword - Chilli pepper!

I'd like to share another extract from Little Lucy & the Doctor.

Lucy sat, suddenly aware that the dynamics had subtly changed. The excitement she had felt all afternoon returned with a vengeance. She took a sip of her coffee, aware that his eyes were on her. When she turned, it was to find him looking at her in a way that made her bones melt.

"Are you ready to put into practice some of the things we talked about this afternoon? he asked her.

She blushed prettily and nodded. "You're absolutely sure?"

"Yes, I am. It's what I want - and I think it's what you want too," she added shyly.

"Of course it is. Did you decide on your safe word?"

"Chilli pepper."

Simon laughed. "What made you choose that?"

She darted a mischievous look in his direction. "It's hot and stingy."

"Very apt - and just like your bottom will be by the end of the evening." He liked seeing her blush. It was endearing. "Okay Lucy, when you've finished your coffee I want you to go up to the twins room. In the top drawer of the chest of drawers you will find an outfit. Put it on and come back down. Do you have any questions?"


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