Naughty Girls Get Spanked!

Naughty girls get spanked. Sophie is no exception. Keen to make an impression on Jack's mother, Shona, she makes a Scottish dessert called cranachan, laces it copiously with whisky, and by the time Shona arrives for dinner, Sophie is well and truly drunk.

Little Sophie and the Professor is an erotic ageplay book that includes anal play, sexual scenes, spankings and BDSM themes. I'd like to share an extract from it. Enjoy!

After two cups of strong black coffee, Sophie felt more like herself. “Sorry, Daddy,” she murmured.

“Oh you will be,” said Jack ominously.

To her credit, Shona never mentioned the incident and acted as though nothing had happened, which Sophie was grateful for. But when Shona took her leave later in the evening, Sophie apologised.

“Och, think nothing of it lassie. The cranachan tasted good – even if it did taste mainly of whisky.” Her eyes twinkled, and Sophie realised they were the same tantalising green as Jack's.

Jack. He was going to give her one heck of a spanking when he returned from taking his mother home.

He did too. Reaching out, he grabbed her and hauled her over his knee. She bucked in alarm, and then screeched as she felt his hand descend heavily on her bottom.


He continued spanking her. She wriggled and squirmed.. He simply carried on, and as the spanks continued they became harder and more forceful.

"Ow! I don't like it!" Her hind throbbed and burned. “I'm sorry!”

"Is that so?" He lifted her skirt and swatted her over her yellow panties with the daisies on. "Pretty little things - but they're coming down." He yanked them down to her knees and continued with the task in hand.

Sophie's face suffused with colour and she squealed as the spanks rained down. The unique sound of a hand striking bare flesh filled the lounge, punctuated by her yips and yelps and promises to be good.

“I'll be soooo good, Daddy,” she said in her best little girl voice. It had no effect whatsoever. His large hands felt like iron as they pounded her chubby cheeks, first one side, then the other, and when they were pleasingly pink, he stopped.

“Stay right there,” he barked and left the room, returning with a two-tailed tawse. It was black and shiny and quite thick, part of its length split into two prongs towards the end .

Sophie stared at it. She hadn't seen it before. “What's that?”

“A genuine Scottish tawse. And it's going to bite your naughty little bottom. Up you get. I want you bending over the end of the chair.”

Although this was punishment, his words sent a delicious sizzle up and down her spine. She obeyed. She loved his commands and relished her submission to his control. She gripped the soft leather arms of the chair, and thrust out her bottom invitingly.

She shivered when Jack draped the tawse over her bottom. It felt so cool against her warm skin. He let the implement rest on her bottom for a moment, in a gentle intimate caress. And then 'Thwack!' It burned a line of red fire across her buttocks. Sophie had intended to be stoical, but she shrieked. It was so unbelievably painful. She leapt up and rubbed her bottom.

"No! Back down. You will take six strokes. And they will be of moderate force. If you move position, we will start all over again. Is that clear, Sophie?"

"Yes … Sir." She winced at the fire in her bottom, knowing it was going to get a whole lot worse. The tawse cracked onto her heated flesh, causing her to howl and kick her legs wildly. “Owwwww!” she squealed, and kicked some more. By the fifth stroke, the tears in her eyes were threatening to spill over. They did so on the sixth stroke. Her bottom felt as though it was on fire. She made an inarticulate noise and waggled her bottom from side to side.

Then relief came in the guise of his big hands moving over the surface of her punished bottom, stroking, rubbing, caressing. “You took that well. I'm proud of you,” he told her.

“It hurt. I deserved it,” she admitted. “I'm really sorry. The last thing I intended to do was get drunk on your mother's visit.”

“Bad girl,” he said, but his voice was kind. “You messed up. You got punished. It's over now.” He took her in his arms and they curled up together on the sofa and Sophie sighed in contentment.

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