Ageplay regression: Daisy is ready to experiment

There are so many levels of ageplay activities. Daisy enjoys being 'little' but now is the time to take her relationship with Johnny to a whole new level - by regressing further. How will she feel? She won't know until she's tried it ...

Here's another little taster from Little Daisy: A BDSM ageplay romance.
“Now, we've done little girl stuff together; it's almost second nature for you and I know you enjoy that, right?”

“Oh yes. I sure do.”

“So I was wondering how you would react if we took it to a new level, with you regressing to a much younger age... say a toddler. What do you think to that?”

“I'm not sure. It doesn't fill me with distaste or horror, but I really don't know how I feel about it or how I'd act.” She darted one of her impishly coquettish looks at Johnny. “Guess there's only one way to find out, huh?”

“You're on. Take things as they come. Go with the flow and follow my lead, and at 7pm on Sunday evening you can revert to your adult self and we'll talk about how you found the experience. Does that sound like a good plan?”

“It does. I'm looking forward to more of our games, Daddy.”

“Me too, princess. Me too.”

After they had eaten dinner, Johnny gave Daisy a smouldering look. “All ready to be Daddy's baby-girl again?”

“Yes Daddy. Can we play with toys?”

“Of course, poppet.” He picked her up and carried her upstairs. “We'll play and then Daddy will bath you and get you ready for bed.” He opened the door to the newly decorated room – which they had begun referring to as 'the pink bedroom' – and set Daisy down. “Daddy has a surprise waiting.”

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