An exciting D/s age play relationship

Setting the ground rules for a D/s relationship

Here's a little teaser from Little Molly:
"Well here's the thing," he said slowly and deliberately. "We have a date this evening, the first of many I hope-"

"I hope so too," she interrupted.

He held up a finger. "But if we are to move forward into a relationship, you should know that I have certain rules."

"What sort of rules?"

"Firstly, no interrupting when I'm speaking to you." His tone was serious, but his eyes twinkled as he spoke. "You said you go for the father figure. I can be that, an authority figure - a kind of Daddy, one who will be kind and loving and nurturing, but one who will also expect obedience and who will set various rules." He glanced at her. He had her full attention. She was listening with rapt attention, utterly absorbed by his words. "The rules will be enforced fairly, but here's the nub - if you break them there will be consequences."

"What sort of consequences?" she whispered, already knowing the answer.

"You will accept my discipline. I'll spank your bottom - your bare bottom."

"Oh!" Her hand flew to cover her mouth. It was a deliciously exciting yet embarrassing thought

"I can promise you an exciting, fulfilling and sensual journey, Molly, and in the process, if you enjoy being a little girl, we'll embrace that and allow you to fully explore your inner self. But we must always be honest with one another. Trust, honesty, communication ... these things will be key factors in our relationship; as will your submission to me, because from what you've told me and from what I've seen, you have a submissive nature which is a perfect foil for my dominance."

Molly gulped. What he was proposing was pressing all the right buttons for her, and the fact he didn't mind, and was even encouraging her to be a little girl, was truly amazing. She was so overcome, she had difficulty speaking for a moment.

"It all sounds so ... so wonderful. So right."

"That's exactly the way it should be. Speaking of communication, are you wanting a sexual relationship?"

Suddenly shy, she nodded. Having this man make love to her ... it was all just too exciting. She felt totally overwhelmed. "Yes," she managed. "Yes, I want that. With you. Please."

"It will be my pleasure, babygirl." He stroked the side of her face.

Babygirl. I like that. "And mine too."

"I should warn you though that I have a deeply sensual nature, but while I will take great pleasure in having you submit to me, I'll never force you to do anything against your will."

She nodded, breathless with excitement at the imagery induced by his words. "I understand."

"Not fully, not yet. But you will before too long. However, first things first. As you have asked so nicely for your first spanking, that's exactly what you're going to get." He stood up and went to the wooden chair in front of the desk by the window. Placing it in the centre of the room, he sat on it and crooked his index finger.


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