Little Sophie and the Professor

Little Sophie and the Professor is a new hot title published today. :) It's about a cute and clever 24 year-old woman student and her relationship with Professor Jack Drummond. Although he is considerably older than her, the disparity in their ages only serves to reinforce the exciting dynamic that exists between them. As their relationship develops, Sophie comes to understand the nature of her submission, and experiences the thrill of erotic spankings and role-play scenarios with Jack.

Little Sophie and the Professor includes ageplay, anal play, sexual scenes, spankings and BDSM themes. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here's a little taster... Sophie and her friends turn up for the professor's seminar. When he asks for a spokesperson to give a review of their group progress to date, he is met by a sea of blank faces. When no one steps forward to volunteer, he nominates someone himself ... Sophie.

Sophie found herself staring. When he did that quirky thing with his eyebrow it made her feel all squirmy. She recalled Hannah's earlier question about getting between the sheets with the professor. Would I? Oh hell, yes, she thought. His eyebrow forgotten, Sophie created a sizzling scene in her mind. She was standing before the professor, stark naked, feeling his eyes ravage every inch of her body. Then those wonderfully large hands of his reached forward to cup her pert little breasts, his fingers teasing and pinching her nipples, before moving slowly and seductively down over her belly to dip between her legs and ...


… and stroke her sex, teasing the lips apart, dipping his finger into her honeyed sweetness, using her juices to lubricate her clit that was screaming for attention …

“Miss Benson, are you with us?”

Startled out of her reverie, Sophie practically jumped out of her chair. “Uh? Wh-what? Sorry. I, er … what did you say?” As his cool green gaze appraised her, she felt the colour rise as her cheeks flamed.

“I said I nominate you, young lady, to give the presentation.” He glanced at his watch. “You have exactly five minutes. Starting now.”


Little Sophie and the Professor is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:


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