An Intimate Examination for Little Tiffany

Tiffany can't hide the fact she is sexually aroused following her spanking. Robert undresses her completely and takes a closer look ...

Here's another extract I'd like to share from Little Tiffany.
And still the spanks descended. Tiffany continued to squirm and wriggle and her bottom began to sting and throb – but there were new sensations now, and in spite of the stinging in her rear end, she knew she was becoming aroused.

As her cries changed to little yelps and moans, Robert sensed her reaction. With a final flurry to her now dark pink glowing cheeks, he stopped, and his punishing hand became an erotic delight as it brushed over her flaming cheeks. And when he let his index finger stray to her slit, it came away sticky with her juices.

“My naughty little girl's so wet for Daddy,” he said huskily. Tiffany mewled, eager for another caress with that finger, and when he inserted it up inside her, she exhaled in delight. “You like that, don't you?” he whispered.

“Yes. Yes Daddy,” she whimpered.

Two fingers explored her slick wetness now, and she found herself rocking to the rhythm of his thrusting fingers.

“And you like this, don't you?”

“Ohhh yes, yes, yes,” she babbled. Her bottom burned, but the sensation only made her feel more turned on.

“I want you naked now,” he said, pulling his fingers out from her hot little pussy. He raised her up and stood her before him. A moment later, her skirt lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. “Arms up.” She obeyed, quivering with desire as he pulled off her top and removed her bra. “Hands on your head, and feet apart.”

She did so, and the action of her raised arms elevated her perky breasts. Her splayed legs revealed the glistening secretions on her upper thighs. She stood before him, embarrassed in a good way and fully aroused, and as she watched him drinking her in, she ached for his touch.

He looked at her breasts, rounded and perfectly formed, with glorious rose-coloured nipples standing out to attention. Her smooth belly led to a triangle of silver blonde hair, and her stance displayed her engorged labia, the inner lips protruding beautifully, all ready for his pleasure. He smiled slowly, savouring the sight of her.

“Turn around, Tiffany. I want to see your bottom.”

With a little gasp she turned for him, displaying her reddened cheeks and slim thighs.

“Bend over. Right over,” he commanded, his words making her pussy clench.

She knew she was blushing at both ends in this position – knowing he would be able to see her spread cheeks and a hint of her little rosebud … and her slick pussy lips. It was humiliating yet it excited her. She felt slutty, wanton. She was getting quite the sexual buzz as she displayed herself to him this way. Which was just as well really, given his next command.

Publisher's Note: Little Tiffany is an ageplay book. It includes anal play, explicit sexual scenes, and elements of medical play. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


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