A Sexy New Daddy for Little Tiffany

Tiffany has found herself a sexy new Daddy. She tells him about her previous relationship, and very quickly learns that life with Robert will be so different and exciting in every possible way.

Tiffany chewed her lip. How could she tell Robert that Mike exploited her, failed to satisfy her sexually, and was generally a selfish twat. What would all that say about her, for letting him walk all over her? She prevaricated inwardly and said nothing.

“Tiffany. I can't force you to tell me, but I want you to. If our relationship is to be rewarding, we need to trust each other implicitly, as well as being open and honest and communicative. These things are important. You are important. So talk to me.”

She did, and once she started it was a relief to get it all out of her system. She blushed a little when she told him about the sex side of the relationship, and though she didn't go into great detail, Robert certainly got her drift.

“Sounds like he was out to get his rocks off and wasn't particularly bothered whether you orgasmed or not.”

“I guess so,” she admitted.

“It will be very different with me.”

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room changed. Tiffany felt a delicious shiver trickle up her spine. Her mouth went dry. She stared at him, her desire for him increasing with each second. The corners of his mouth tilted a little as his eyes penetrated her.

“But you already know that, don't you, Tiffany?”

“I, er ...” she croaked. “I think you will be different from Mike in every respect.”

“You're absolutely right. Come here.”

How could she not? She slid down off her bar stool and stood before him, conscious of the fact that her heart was beating rapidly. He cupped her face in his hands and leaned down to kiss her, and he kissed her like she had never been kissed before, as though she was some sweet, precious jewel. Her arms went up around his neck and her lips parted eagerly as he devoured her mouth. This was no chaste kiss; it was hard and demanding and possessive, a kiss full of promises and heady delights. His tongue probed and flicked, exploring her mouth, and he crushed her to him so tightly she could feel his heartbeat pounding in his chest.

“Oh,” she said at length when they broke apart.

“Oh indeed,” he said dryly. “I am so looking forward to getting to know you, Tiffany.”

“And I you, though I already feel as though I've known you forever

It was a good feeling.

Publisher's Note: Little Tiffany is an ageplay book. It includes anal play, explicit sexual scenes, and elements of medical play. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


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