The Humiliating Diaper Position

Selina and Ayla don't like early bedtimes. They get caught bouncing on the bed and are punished accordingly ... in the diaper position!

"Now you will lie still and be silent," instructed Esther as she tucked the girls up in bed. "The night caretakers will stand no nonsense, so you two had better be as quiet as little mice."

When the two nursery maids had left, the girls got out of bed and began griping and complaining.

"This is freakin' ridiculous! Bed before 7pm - they gotta be kidding!"

"They can fuck right off," said Selina. "At least we got one over them by hiding the egg sandwiches."

They began to giggle, and before they knew it were trampolining up and down on their beds, having a contest to see who could jump the highest. It wasn't long before their shouts and squeals of glee brought them some unwelcome attention. The door burst open suddenly, and two male caretakers came in - and they didn't look at all pleased.

"What's going on? You were told to go to sleep," said the taller of the two men sternly. "A dose of the strap will be in order, and then the pair of you will be separated. As you can't behave together, you will sleep in different rooms."

"Aww that's so not fair! We've already had lots of spankings since we arrived - we don't want any more." Selina looked at him beseechingly. It had no effect.

"You take that one," the other man addressed his colleague with a nod towards Selina. "And I'll take this one off to dorm four and give her ten with the strap." He grabbed Ayla, tossed her over his shoulder, and left the room, Ayla protesting volubly.

The remaining night caretaker regarded Selina speculatively. "Such a naughty little girl. You're going to get your bare bottom spanked again. But as I'm feeling generous, I'll give you a warm up spanking first."

"And I'm supposed to be grateful?" Selina pouted. "Well I'm not. So there."

"In that case, little Miss, there'll be no warm up. And what's more ..." his eyes narrowed as he smiled thinly. "I shall make this as humiliating for you as possible."

He did too. A moment later, Selina was on her back on the bed in the diaper position, her pyjama bottoms removed completely, and her legs in the air. Standing to one side of her, the caretaker took a short but thickish strap from his pocket and eyed the target area. He held her ankles together with one hand, pulling them high so that her bare bottom was raised up off the bed.


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