A Spanking for Daddy's Babygirl .... Little Molly by Chloe Carpenter

Molly was panting now, enjoying the spanking hugely, once more experiencing the tantalising tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach. She knew Daddy was also enjoying himself, because she could feel his hard cock pressing against her tummy. Suddenly an extra hard spank descended and made her yelp.

"Yeeowww!" She flailed her legs wildly.


"Owww! Bad Daddy!"

Bad Daddy chuckled softly, admiring the pair of vivid pink hand-prints standing out on the pink flesh. He followed through with another dozen brisk spanks, smacking each side in turn, depositing them across the whole luscious expanse of her bare, bouncing bottom.

Molly became quite vocal with her squeals, and yet her arousal simply intensified beneath his punishing hand, and the more she wriggled and squirmed, the more her pussy clenched as she ground it against Luke's thigh.

When Luke paused and dipped his finger into her pussy, her squeals turned to moans of pure pleasure.

"My babygirl is so wet." He inserted another finger and stroked her sopping sex. "You enjoyed that spanking, didn't you?"

"Ohhh. Yes I did." She continued to squirm unashamedly over his lap. "I loved it."

"And this is the result." He waggled his fingers, making her groan out her need of him. In a trice, he sat her up and laid her down on the bed on her back. She stared up at him, panting and eager. "Time for these PJ's to come right off now." He slid them down her legs and pulled them off completely, leaving her bare from the waist down.

.... Ohhhh - I wonder what happens next! Hope you enjoyed the extract.

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