Cover reveal - Little Daisy - Hot new ageplay title

Delighted to announce I have a new book which will be available at the weekend from Amazon and LSF Publications. Little Daisy is another ageplay book. I've loved the writing of it and I hope you will love reading it. This one has a great storyline and is really hot! And it has a great cover.

A chance encounter brings Daisy to Tennant's Toy Store, where she meets the owner, Johnny. He finds it difficult to believe the pretty elfin creature is a twenty-three year old woman as she looks so much younger. And when he discovers her enjoyment of toys and games, he invites her back to the shop when she finishes work. There she finds so much to delight her - the rocking horse, the fairytale castle, and all manner of teddy bears, dolls and other exciting things. She visits the shop every night after work and enjoys talking with Johnny and sharing cookies, and when he asks if she would like to spend the day with him at the shop on Saturday and help him with the doll's hospital, she jumps at the chance - especially when he invites her to spend the rest of the weekend with him. There is a growing sexual attraction between the two and the dynamics of their relationship begin to change when Johnny refers to himself as 'Daddy' and announces his desire to take care of her. This opens up a whole new world for Daisy: a world where she can celebrate being 'little' whenever she wants to; a world where little girls who are naughty and break Daddy's rules get their bottoms soundly spanked; a world full of delicious sex and humiliating scenarios. Johnny is a naturally dominant man who helps Daisy discover her submissiveness and the nature of D/s power exchange as she is subject to his loving discipline and his very specific kinky interests that she learns to embrace.

She loves him to play with her, take her to the park and the zoo, bathe her in scented bubbles, dress her in cute clothes and drop-seat pyjamas and read her bedtime stories. As their relationship thrives, sometimes she is the adult Daisy, sometimes she is his Lolita or baby-girl, sometimes she is Princess Daisy, and sometimes she is Daisy diaper girl. She finds that Daddy is so inventive in their little games, making use of a princess play bed, a crib, feeding bottle, pacifier and diapers, a high chair with wipe-clean tray, butt plugs and a mean old hairbrush to paddle her naughty bottom. Their relationship progresses well until the arrival of a new assistant in the toy shop - Glenda. The blonde assistant flirts outrageously with Johnny and Daisy is jealous... which results in big trouble. But there is only one woman Johnny is interested in, and that is Daisy.

Publisher's Note: Little Daisy is an ageplay book. It includes anal play, diaper play, explicit sexual scenes, and elements of medical play. The punishments include humiliation, corner time, spankings and BDSM S/M themes. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.


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